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The Power of Play

Why Play Therapy? Play therapy is a powerful tool to help children process their feelings. From the outside, it may seem like a child is “just playing.” However, in a structured play therapy session, the therapist assists the child with using the play to process their own inner thoughts and feelings. The therapist is engaged…

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Loving young successful mother taking care of her little toddler kid son hugging him while working

Teaching Young Children about Body Safety

During early childhood, children grow quickly and are learning new things. Learning about their bodies especially is important as they learn to develop healthy boundaries including concepts like “my body is private.” Many parents worry about teaching these concepts too soon but by discussing these topics early on you can take integral steps to help…

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Helping Your Anxious Child

Does your child begin to act out in new places? Do they hide or run when introduced to new people? When a child becomes anxious, they may demonstrate disruptive behaviors that can appear as defiant when actually they are feeling scared or worried. If you know your child starts to act out in unfamiliar situations…

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