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Kids Thrive provides the highest level of care for children ages 3-10 years old with a mental health diagnosis. Clients enrolled in Kids Thrive receive a full day of therapeutic programming to assist with improving their behaviors and functioning across environments. 


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Why Choose Kids thrive?

All children have struggles and we’re here to help them grow through these challenges so they can thrive in their communities. Early childhood is a crucial time to develop positive social skills and learn through new experiences. Many children we serve have been excluded from childcare centers, pre-schools, and community activities. 

They often lack the necessary skills to participate in positive, pro-social groups. At Kids Thrive, your child has the opportunity to participate in activities to help them grow and learn despite their challenging behaviors. 

Our setting will help to prepare your child for a childcare center or school environment by providing consistent structure and routines that mimic a typical classroom. Every day we practice following directions, taking turns, and asking for help, skills that are crucial to your child’s success in any school environment.

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Our goal is to help every child reach their fullest potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child thrive.

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Our Mission

Helping Families Thrive

Through the Developmental Repair Model, we repair children’s tolerances for group negotiation and shared adult attention, as well as repair individual capacities or skills.

We will address specific goals you identify for your child through planned individual skills sessions and therapy sessions with a licensed provider. Family involvement is key in the treatment of young children which is why family sessions are incorporated into care.

Through family therapy and parent coaching sessions, you will learn valuable techniques to manage your child’s behaviors and ease the impact on your everyday life.

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Kids Thrive Blog & News

Helping Your Anxious Child

Does your child begin to act out in new places? Do they hide or run when introduced to new people? When a child becomes anxious, they may demonstrate disruptive behaviors that can appear as defiant when actually they are feeling scared or worried. If you know your child starts to act out in unfamiliar situations…

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child baby little person are crying at home, newborn are cry and living indoor a house with family

Dealing with the Bedtime Blues

Do you dread the bedtime fights with your toddler? Have you noticed a shift in your child’s behaviors during the day?  Insufficient or disrupted sleep can lead to an increase in disruptive behaviors and meltdowns during the day. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recommends 10-13 hours of sleep per night (including naps) for…

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How Therapy Supports The Parent Child Relationship: Tips For Parents

The parent-child relationship is potentially the most important part of a child’s development. If a child is struggling with mental health, then the parent-child relationship becomes paramount to the child’s long-term progress. At Kids Thrive we develop an environment that fosters that relationship. All Families are Not Alike We know that every child and every…

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